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Turn Off / On predictive text on a Nokia lumia 800

How to turn Off / On predictive text on a Nokia lumia 800

I have seen this question asked a several times on our forums and as comments section of the blog. Below are set of shortcuts we have discovered/ used to turn off or on the predictive text feature on the Nokia Lumia 800 Windows 7 Smart phone.

  • Navigate to Settings > Keyboard and
  • Select the desired language.
  • Select the Option to turn off the “suggest text”

Hope this simple steps help you to activate / deactivate predictive text on your amazing Nokia Lumia 800 Smart Phone. Let me know your feedback post trying the method.

How to turn Off / On predictive text on a Nokia lumia 800

thanks, predictive text turned off

P Roberts
P Roberts

Settings app. Scroll down to keyboard. Press Typing Settings. Tap the English press to change menu item. Tap on the Suggest text and highlight misspelt words tickbox to turn predictive text on or off.

Hans Grand
Hans Grand

Dear Thomas Joshu, How to turn Off predictive text on a Nokia lumia 800 was only partial helpful. I just succeeded in turning off the added predictive text/words but not the preinstalled words. How can I turn them off as well? ThanXL/BR, Hans


it helped! tnx


Grateful for the how to turn off pred text on nokia lumia 800 what a pain been trying for nealy a yr to get that pred txt off .


Thanks ... it helped.

Joshu Thomas
Joshu Thomas

Romel, am glad it helped you! regards,Josh


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