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iGoogle & Google Video to be Retired forever!

iGoogle, Google Video to be Retired forever!


As part of the recent clean up by big corporate houses by removing not so great web applications / products from its arsenal, even Google comes up with the announcement of removing iGoogle and Google Video from its products list.


iGoogle was quite an impressive product from Google (launched in 2005) and it had a good amount of users but still Google considers it a better option to let it go. Google being a fair player in providing so many awesome services free of cost to its users has announced this change well in advance (1 year ahead) and the service will be shut down by November 2013.


Google also announced the shut down of Google Video and transferring all the existing videos onto YouTube to ensure the data is not lost.


It’s a clear signal from Google on the direction in which they are heading and it’s in developing and improving solid products and services and concentrating more on established products and solutions like Android.