Free Amazon Kindle eBooks websites 2012

List of Best Free Amazon Kindle eBooks websites 2012

Amazon Kindle is an amazing invention that changed the way the world reads! The kindle is not only available as tablet hardware, it also appears in the form of an application for iPhone or Android that enables everyone to use their software kindle or hardware kindle. The innovative idea replaces your paper books as well as your real bookshelves.

With a simple login you can see your books and bookshelves on any hardware as the kindle syncs all your collection and downloads it where ever you choose to read.

Below is the list of websites that provides free download of huge collection of kindle books

  • Internet Archive (2.5 million free titles)
  • Open Library (1 million free titles)
  • Gutenberg (30,000 free titles)
  • ManyBooks.net (26,000 free titles)

In addition, you can choose to purchase ANY book from Amazon with one single click!